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First of all WELCOME my dear reader from Oasis of Taste aka Ana. Let me tell you a short story about Oasis of Taste and why I opened this food blog.

So, let’s begin…

I started this food blog in September 2020 and as you can see I am writing this from the early beginning. I am 25 years old foodie whose passion is cooking, photographing, and developing new recipes. I firmly believe that I inherited the desire to cook from my mom who is an excellent cook and a great teacher (to me of course 🙂 ). Some of the recipes on this blog are my mom’s but I gave my best to make them and share with all my cooking friends here.

My wish is to share here all recipes I cooked on my own and I think they are first of all low cost, easy to make, and the most importantly delicious. No matter if they are healthy or not, vegetarian or not here you will find a mix of everything. Greek cuisine, American cuisine, Indian cuisine…etc. I hope that I have still your attention ….ha ha 🙂

If you are still reading this that’s good because it means a lot to me.

Let’s continue..

So why I started this journey with cooking for my blog? The answer is simple. I really, really, really (haha 3 times) like cooking and developing new recipes but the main reason I make a definite decision to open this food blog is that I was inspired by these food bloggers: The Clean Eating couple, Half Baked Harvest, Pipping Pot Curry, The Pinch of Yum, etc. (Please do not offend if I forget to mention somebody.) So a big thanks to all food bloggers because they show me a way how I can also make my food blog. Thank you all 🙂

Bye until next update, cooking guru Ana 😉





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