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You know what when you’re looking forward to cooking and you’ve decided to cook your favorite soup, bake some meat and pancakes? Eh if only it were that simple 🙂 You just want to break the eggs and one of them “escapes” from the bowl and falls to the floor. Oh noooooo ..what a mess right at the beginning. Then all of a sudden everything goes in the wrong direction … And so there is a high probability that you will spray the baking tray with oil, also the soup may boil on your stove, etc. All these things happen on the stage called KITCHEN. Now let’s imagine that we managed to cook lunch with all the troubles. And so we ate lunch, made pancakes and now we’re looking at that big kitchen mess.

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My dears, I just want to help you with a few useful tools to get your kitchen in order for some new kitchen challenges the next day.

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